I Don't Think it's Mono

With numerous germs running around the office, one has finally found my right tonsil. I haven't had a bad sore throat in a long time. It reminds me of when I had mono in high school.

At the time, I wanted the doctor to rip them out of my throat because I couldn't swallow. I "slept" sitting upright in bed, spitting saliva into a cup like a feeble old lady. Turned on? Hot, I know.

My mother took me to the hospital to get a blood test and to get something for the pain. They obliged and sent me home with the largest Tylenol-codeine pills ever made. I told the doctor at the time, "I can't swallow," and yet that's what he gave me. Doctors are neat.

Friends came by to say hello & asked if I'd been enjoying time off from school watching TV. They were baffled when I told them I didn't have the energy to watch TV. Staring, slack-jawed at the wallpaper in my room was as much as I could manage.

What a nasty little bug that was. I couldn't run track for a year - well, not very quickly anyway. I should probably go lie down.