Doing Nothing...

...Has meant doing way more this weekend than I'd planned. Took Ninja to the vet where we had to leave him for 5 hours until he would give up a wee urine sample for testing. Now we're enduring the hissing and aggression as the other cats try to detect that old familiar Ass Monkey smell underneath the scary vet odors.

Then there was weeding, raking, sorting, cooking, driving, shopping, removing the old Dish hardware off the house (worst customer service experiences, ever), and cleaning the backyard - not nearly as much sleeping as I'd planned.

I grabbed some pics off my phone from last week, taken before and while at the conference in Seattle. The 415 flashbacks were everywhere.

The only open (reserved) parking place left that morning at the Bart lot.

A number posted inside the Bart car I was in that afternoon.

The number of a room in the Seattle Library where we attended the conference.
A fun coincidence, but a tad eerie.