Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home... Home, home on the range, where the bird and the retarded cats play...

It was wonderful to finally get home last night after Southwest fucked us with a late flight they didn't even try to explain. It's obvious they couldn't care less. What a bunch of grumblecake losers.

Home by midnight, in bed by 1 a.m., then I had to get up early to go to City Hall and get the official paperwork for next month.

Couldn't wait to get home after work and collapse on the couch. After a stop at the store for firewood, red wine and other critical supplies, I was home, ready to relax into Friday night.

Our pleasant time was quickly ruined when Ninja, Chimpee the Ass Monkey, aka "Coat Fucker," peed into a box of new garden lights I had on the dining room table.

He's done this a few times before, but seemingly only in times of extreme stress, like after we moved here. We quickly cleaned up that nightmare and a few minutes later the littlest one upchucked her dinner. She'd eaten a scrap of Henry's toy & garked it back up.

Got that all cleaned up and went to the store to buy another litter box just for Chimpee. Brought it home, set it up, then sat down to have some red wine and bread with olive tapenade.

David had been snacking while I was at the store and there was a bite of bread left in the bowl. I went to eat it and right when I put it into my mouth he said, "oh, I may have dropped that on the floor."

I spat it out and just stared at him. I'm too tired to be angry. I'm not sure what happened to the planets today, but something is awry and I hope it corrects itself soon.