I... am... CoLd!

Jebus crimony, it's friggin cold! I could NOT live in Michigan. Or Chicago. Not unless I was independently wealthy and could run the furnace at full gallop all winter long.

I'm trying to conserve natural gas, but as of today, that dream is dead. I'm taking showers to try to warm up. What a sissy, eh? I know. You don't have to tell me. I'm dreaming of a fleece jumpsuit lined with micro fleece with a fleecy outer later with a fleece top coat, with a fleece hat, scarf, gloves, and booties.

Part of the problem is this beautiful old house doesn't have central heating. It has attic insulation, thankfully, but that only does so much. The front room where the floor heater and fireplace are stays fairly comfortable. But back in my office, I think I can see my breath. I just turned the oven on to warm up the kitchen, all hillbilly style, as David likes to tell me.

Tonight we're going to burn the Sunday NY Times I haven't read like it's a big log of wood. And if we run out of wood, the furniture is next.

This was Seattle's forecast last week, but it feels like ours.