My chiropractor recommended the Zand Quick Cleanse - a liver/system cleanse & detox that only takes a week and doesn't require fasting.

So I started my Zand adventure this morning, downing a handful of "fiber" pills and later, a liver cleansing tablet full of all sorts of barky plant herby goodness. If nothing else, the pills and four gallons of water sure staves off hunger.

But I was apprehensive about going to the movies in the early afternoon, not sure what could happen while out & about. Would it be like that scene in Pope of Greenwich Village when they give the cop the horse laxative? I had to hope I wouldn't be caught running around the street clutching my pants.

So far, all is stable... but it's only Day 1. In the next few days I'm supposed to increase the number of fiber pills. Thank goodness we have a long weekend. At least when fasting, you don't have to worry about suddenly blowing a gasket and making sure you're always near a toilet.