Cats & Rats

Today all three cats - about 40lbs worth - went to the vet. Having since learned that little Jimmy was no mouse, but a juvenile RAT, I had to take them all in for rabies boosters.

The five minute drive down the street was agonizing for Neo. He hates the car and hates to be in his cat bag in the car. Hates, hates, hates it. He thinks we're driving to Canada and he'll be in there for months.

Despite the shock of realizing I'd taken them not to Canada but to the vet, they were all amazingly well behaved and sociable with the staff.

After the vaccinations, Neo rubbed against the vet's leg and she exclaimed, "He forgave me!" Neo's the toughest little cat I've ever met yet he can be so sweet.

When we got home they were released back into the wild of the front room and there was no hissing or growling. They may have even bonded a bit more.