Fog, Glorious Fog

(photo from the the Assoc. of Bioscience Financial Officers site - thanks guys!)

I hate being cold, but I was ecstatic to wake up to fog the past two mornings. Far from cold, it's wonderfully cool and mild, burning off by mid-day for a lovely afternoon. No jacket required, but no sweat-wicking clothes required either.

The city is still packed with tourons and it's getting old. It's fine if they want to linger where they stand and move slowly from one point to the next, gazing slack-jawed at all the shiny things - but be aware of your damn surroundings. Everyone seems to have lost the ability to know where they are in the universe.

Be one with the world - know where you are in relation to other things or people. Be fluid. Don't be a dense wall. Be accommodating. You'll make fast friends wherever you go if people don't have to trip over you or repeat "excuse me" seven times to get you to move your lumbering ass.