So Long Crafty

Ms. Crafty is officially on her way, as we knew she would be. Sucks for us, great for her. One upside is the cake - her going-away cake made by Jeff. I didn't get to taste this particular wonder at my wedding. It was inhaled within moments while I was distracted by guests... but I digress.

It's the start of an exodus, I'm afraid. It's just a matter of time. It's become a nonstop circus of one ridiculous thing after another.

Last year there seemed to be a great deal of promise - a lot of people were motivated to turn it around and start moving things in the right direction. I think they've all been stuck in a meeting since last year 'cause nothing's changed, and some things are worse.

It's a classic case of thinking you're signing up for one thing, but it turns out to be something very different and not at all what you want to be doing. If I wanted to be a crazed fire fighter all day, I'd have joined the fireman's academy or whatever it is.

But anyway, bon voyage to the Crafty Goddess. Get 'em to move their headquarters southward & take us with you!