Travelogue - Tuesday (8/8)

Had lunch at a restaurant that's been in Bend since the '30s, the Pine Tavern. It has two actual pine trees growing through the dining room.

Behind the restaurant, flowing through the heart of town is the Deschutes - this quiet stretch known as Mirror Pond. The park is Drake Park and runs along the river for about a mile or so with amazing homes on either side.

Overlooking Drake Park and Mirror Pond, this is one of many homes I'd be happy to relocate to.

This lady works at a nearby gallery, keeping it tidy throughout the day.

Oh, wait, no, that's a new piece. I call her Gladys.

This dog will sell you tickets to stuff.

This dog is Sampson and will only talk to you if his mom says you're OK. He's a very sweet puppy who works with his mom at a clothing boutique. Most of the clothes they have would fit Sampson or small people who work in carnivals.