Kill the Poachers


We were watching yet another depressing 60 Minutes on Sunday. One story in particular really bummed me out. The tiger population in India is dwindling fast and only a handful of people seem to give a shit.

One conservationist believes that anyone caught on a game reserve should be shot on sight. Huzzah! I'm all for it.

As he said, they come onto the reserve armed, intending to kill tigers - why give them a chance? Kill the poachers first. The 60 Minutes guy seemed surprised at this idea. I think it's fair.

And millions of idiots in China still believe things made from tiger bits will somehow enhance their lives. What dipshit doesn't look great in a tiger skin skirt? Now, if you fought the tiger in hand-to-paw combat for that skirt, I'd say you maybe earned the right to wear it, but still, it's lame and you're stupid

No one's thinking Big Picture here. I keep thinking someone must be. Someone must be keeping track of the situation to ensure we're not going to totally destroy the world.

But no. Someone isn't. If there's money to be made selling tiger whiskers, by god, go bag yourself a tiger and sell that shit. There will be plenty of people looking the other way, expecting their fair share to ensure you can sell all you want.

Now I understand why people join PETA and go all aggro/commando about this shit. Must be better than feeling totally helpless.

Then there's always the WWF.