Trolls Suck

I'm starting to really hate small-minded trolls. They should be rounded up & sent to Bangledesh to be ship breakers.

I was having a great time this morning shopping at the Alameda Flea Market, shooting photos here & there as I wandered, until I made the mistake of stopping at a sacred chandelier booth.

While amusing myself outside her booth, I heard a tinny, agitated voice repeatedly saying, "Can I help you?"

I didn't realize a troll was talking to me until she was in my face, asking me to not take pictures of her wonderful creations, so incredibly unique and mystical like the unicorn that photography might steal their souls and then no one would want to buy them.

Here's the wondrous creation:

Its soul now belongs to me. Using my zoom lens, I took many more photos from a distance and now she'll never sell another chandelier.