Leafy Karma

Karma's funny. A couple of weekends ago, Crazy Neighbor Bob used his little electric leaf blower to blow all the downed leaves in his yard across the street, in front of our house and a few others.

Rather than rake up his own leaves, he did the lazy thing. All I could do was shake my head & remember that the street sweeper would come in a few days & clean up his mess for him.

It wasn't so much about the laziness, but it was rainy and the piles of leaves he'd created were wet and slippery when turning into or out of our driveway.

The next time CNB fired up the leaf blower, I heard yelling outside. I poked my head out the front door and heard what sounded like another neighbor yelling at Bob to stop blowing all his leaves into the street in front of the other houses.

I chuckled to myself as I watched CNB, evidently with a shred of social conscience, rake up all the leaves he collected into big piles and deposit them into his green bin. There was nary a stray leaf in his or our front yard.

That evening the weather kicked up again with wind and rain, and the next morning his yard was covered again in leaves and our yard was almost totally clean.