Sans Sucre!

It's true - I'm off sugar... mostly... and feelin' good. I've always had a sweet tooth, but it's a manageable addiction since we don't keep any garbage food in the house.

But then Christmastime arrives, and my mother goes into Red Sugar-Coated Cross mode, sending us endless boxes of goodies and treats. Why she thinks we need a metric ton of Biscoff cookies, giant chocolate wreaths, and many many many tubs of sugar chocolate coated gobs of sugary treats, I'll never know.

I love that she loves us that much - it's very sweet. Literally. But snacking on that stuff made me feel like crap. One day a few weeks ago, I had a couple of Biscoffs with a cup of coffee and a half an hour later, the crash was brutal. That was it. No more sugar.

I must confess, on Monday I had a dark chocolate pot de creme that I couldn't pass up. It was well worth it and thankfully there wasn't a crash because it was tiny and my lunch was very healthy.

But that's it - no other refined sugar, and it's been good. There are no more cravings and no interest in it when it's nearby.

It's good in other ways besides alleviating cravings & energy crashes. Sugar causes an insulin spike, which causes inflammation on a cellular level, and inflammation causes cells to age.

Read the entire lecture on Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects by Dr. Rosedale. It's long, but good info.

Now I just need that 24/7 room service/personal chef/grocery shopper to have all that healthy food ready to go whenever I need it.