Stats Piling Up

No surprise, Jack is off to a quick start. His first GTA (grand theft auto) happened within the first half hour and he killed the first terrorist with an inspired bite to the jugular vein - that was a first for me in a TV show.

We realized it might be impossible to keep an accurate count of Chloe's frowns/eye rolling and decided every time she's in a scene, count three and that's probably safe.

While The Interweb category included specific quotes we thought would be enough, we've now widened that category to include any/all fantastical use of the Interweb, such as a clear, detailed map appearing on a standard cell phone after Jack types longitude/latitude coordinates, perfectly centered, into a clean, white screen.

The other Interweb point was for the clarity enhancement of Jack's photo on a satellite surveillance image, which we know always works. Looked fuzzy from a distance, but when you zoom in 10x, *that's* when it becomes crystal clear.

And we realized, this being the 6th season, we overlooked an important category, the "I'm Too Old For This Shit" category, noting Jack's two mentions of, "I can't do this anymore."

We also noted, as with past seasons, Jack's been up & at 'em for two hours now and has not had a proper breakfast nor has he visited the loo.

Extra points for the writers for creating a sleeper family member, Sandra Palmer.

For more fun stuff about Jack, enjoy Jack Bauer is God, a fun takeoff on the Chuck Norris Facts that were included in last year's "Best Non Required Reading of 2006."

Go Jack!