Willy Wonkuh

This week I watched Tim Burton's version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and as the credits rolled by, I happened to see the name of a guy I went to high school with.

Sometimes I watch movie credits thinking I might see a familiar name - you never know. It would be unlikely to stumble across an old chum in such a way. Except for this time.

I emailed my Dad & asked him if it might be the same guy - my dad knows his dad - and sho 'nuff, it's the same guy!

And that's the biggest news I have this week besides my sugarless diet. Wait, no, that's not true. Alec Baldwin called David, personally, to tell him he was outside our bedroom window and that David had a nice behind.

Also, we scooped out cat boxes, ran two loads of dishes in the dishwasher AND ordered in dinner one night. We're normally not such rock stars, but this was a particularly glamorous week.