Worst. Freezer. Ever.

The horror. You would not BELIEVE what my mother had to do in order to store salmon in the freezer in Palm Desert.

You. Would. Not. Believe. It.

Do you know, that freezer is so stupid - you can't get anything in it! It's not because it's already crammed full of food, batteries and lord-knows-what-else. NO! It's because it's such a STUPID FREEZER!

She had to store the salmon - get this - vertically - ON ITS SIDE! Not flat, like you would expect to store salmon in a freezer. UP ON ITS SIDE, ALONG THE SIDE OF THE FREEZER! UNBELIEVABLE.

I am beside myself with shock and disappointment. I am at a loss. The humanity!

Why god!? Why would you do this to an innocent salmon!?