I Love TV

When you need to shut down your brain, there's no better drug. The best thing might be that there's no hangover, unless you've watched way too much Deadwood or Sopranos, which can make you use way more profanity and get angry about minor things like dropping a potato chip on the floor.

Last weekend I watched both Rocky I and Rocky II - just because they were on. Everyone knows Rocky's famous "Yo Adrian," but what I didn't remember is that he says it repeatedly throughout the movie (I think he said it just as much in II as he did I).

He doesn't ever say, "Hey Adrian" or "Adrian." Every time he speaks to her he says "Yo Adrian" or often, "Yo, yo, yo Adrian." It's amazing. After a few minutes "yo" starts to sound like a loud gong, drowning out other sounds.

But, he wrote those movies, yo, and directed most of them, which is more than I've ever written or directed. Cut me, Mick.