Holy crap - "Domino" is one of the worst movies ever ever made.

It's not bad enough to be good - it's just stinky stanky. I don't know why I kept watching it. Damn you HBO and your no commercials.

I guess I had to see for myself where it could possibly be going, thinking it might start making sense. At one point someone mentioned something about a ferret on meth - I think that was the writer. None of it made any sense and Keira tried so hard to be cool it was painful.

Otherwise, it was chock full of capable talent. Christopher Walken, Jacqueline Bissett, Delroy Lindo, Dabney Coleman, Lucy Liu, Tom Waits, and some bit players who did a good job. It could have been smart & funny if the director hadn't tried to make it a coolness contest.

Oh, and the worst thing - the ending was a total bite on True Romance (which was probably bitten from another movie). Did Tony think we wouldn't notice he used the same ending he'd shot before? Lame.

But in other news, my cold/flu/coughing phlegm-fest is on its way out, thanks to a truckload of vitamin C. Oh, and I fucking hate the 4th of July and the fucking idiots who light off noisy fireworks at 10 o'fucking clock at night.

It wasn't some kid, it was the kid's stupid father who should know better, setting off firecrackers, high-pitched whistling shit and other exploding crap. And why isn't the kid in bed already? Man, I'm totally on the fast track to shouting at people from the front porch to get the hell out of my yard.