Independence Day

big blue sky in alameda, ca

It's official. I handed in my resignation and I'm going back to consulting. You know the story, "I want to spend more time with my family."

It's true. My cats and parrot need me - I've missed a lot of great milestones. Like when Neo started marking David's favorite chair, or when Ninja made his first escape into the backyard undetected for hours. Or when Nikita began (occasionally) meowing like a cat instead of a kitten, at the early age of 36 months.

And Henry - Henry's been such a trouper. He puts a smile on his beak, but he still refuses to say "good morning!" after 8 long years of hearing it every morning. He knows it will never be a good morning as long as I have to leave him every day. Poor baby.

Now we'll have plenty of time to work on the complete suite of coffee-slurping sounds. Not just the sound of slurping coffee from the mug, but also the lip smack and "ahhhh" that trails the slurping. We're close, but there's much work left to do.

And maybe now I can finally clean out and reorganize my office (for the umpteenth time). Maybe vacuum something. Do a load of laundry once a month. Lose 20lbs. - you know, all those easy little things there never seems to be any time for when held down by The Man.

It was just time to leave Bluee behind for good.