Almost a Rocket Scientist

My fluffy little parrot apparently isn't just a pretty feathered face. I gave him an animal cracker cookie this morning, because of course he loves eating cookies the shape of elephants, monkeys, and most of all, CATS.

He took the cookie and immediately dropped it into his water dish, waited a couple of moments, then picked it back out and commenced eating it.

Turns out he likes them a little softened up and knows exactly how to make that happen. Now if he could only start doing the dishes and my laundry.

Update: I gave him another cookie this morning (Friday), and he was on his play perch, which is next to his cage. He took it and walked over to his cage, up onto the top, over to the water dish and dropped it in before munching it down. Now he won't eat them any other way. I love it.

Another Update: The other day I gave him a cookie dipped in coffee - what a mistake. You have to give him credit - he's got quite a palate.