Because I Don't Speak Cat

I had to take my baby kitten to the vet today because she wouldn't tell me what was going on with her. She was fine yesterday - playful, healthy appetite - her very normal, sweet kitty self.

This morning, she didn't get up for breakfast, something she (and the boys) are always excited about, because they get Greenies treats with their food. And she spent all day at the end of our bed where she slept all night.

Rather than take any chances, I took her in. I hope it was worth the turmoil. Some might think me a bad mother, but I don't take my kids to the vet very often - hardly ever, really.

They're exclusively indoor cats, we feed them the healthiest food we can find and they're well taken care of. And thankfully, being the mutts they are, they have hearty little systems and they're all still young.

But Nikita sometimes eats things she shouldn't, like strips of paper, carpet fibers and now & then, she tries to eat my hair. With her occasional cookie-parking, I couldn't help but wonder if she ate something and was in trouble.

After the undignified temperature taking procedure by the technician, the vet came in and started the exam. Then they took her in the back to get a blood and urine sample. While waiting, I heard what sounded like a wicked cat fight in the back and I wondered what they were doing to some poor cat. Then I wondered, could that be my sweet little kitty who still meows like a kitten???

Annnd yes, it was. Today I saw my loving baby turn into a hell cat, ready to kill anyone in a white coat who came near her.

After the first time they tried to take blood, she put up a great fight and they backed off. Then the vet came to talk to me & told me she (the cat) had reached her limit for now, but they'd try again in a little while. I asked her to please continue in the exam room with me.

They brought her back in and I helped keep her calm while they took blood from both her back legs, because the one they tried the first time had a smaller vein and they weren't getting enough. Ugh. Then they gave her subcutaneous fluids. Then they gave her a shot of antibiotics just in case, while we wait 24 hours for her blood work to come back.

During her struggle in the back she tore a claw, which was bleeding by the time they brought her back into the exam room. I can't imagine how frightened she must have been. I'm so, so sorry sweetie. But what else could I do? I don't have vet care facilities at home, nor do I know anything about veterinary medicine.

After her horrible ordeal, she zoomed back into her carrier and as soon as she was inside it she turned to kill anything coming near her. It was scary and impressive. My little fizzle whisker, squeasel, baby kitten sweet Nikitakita, a crazed vet killer. You made mommy proud.

And now we wait to see what the blood work and urine tests have to say. I say there has *got* to be better ways to treat small animals in this day and age.

What was great to see was as soon as we got home she made a beeline for her food dish and tore through a good portion of kibble and later, a small amount of yummy wet food and she's kept it all down. I think she'll be OK. She has to be.