I Love Gordon Ramsay

Not like I love the new weather guy - I love Gordon Ramsay because watching him is like watching a car chase through crowded streets. And he's funny.

That, and who doesn't love watching some poor bastard be emasculated on every show? Why do *I* seem to enjoy that so much?

His new shows, Kitchen Nightmares (UK and US versions) are brilliant. He wouldn't be a "restaurant tycoon" if he didn't know something about running that business.

But the poor saps he finds who are struggling to stay afloat are incredible. The pompous managers who love using the restaurant as their social playground - those are the best fodder.

Last night, the manager served Ramsay his lunch and back in the kitchen told the chef/owner how intimidating it was to wait on him. Moments later he tells the camera in the "confessional" shot that he's not intimidated by anyone, no matter who they are.

Then later, he cried. Many times. It was so hilarious. A total ploy for attention and of course, he was ridiculed.

It's a challenge to keep up with the dialog since so much of what Ramsay says is bleeped. " Bleep all, I bleeeeep bleep your bleeping bleeeeeeeeeeeep."

And then I wonder, if he's married, what must that be like when discussing typical marital issues like, say, finances or chores. Or what if, god forbid, his wife forgot to do something she said she'd do - does she just not come home? That would probably be my decision.