Mmm... I can't focus my eyes right now - any of the three - but I'm not coughing up a spleen, so I'll take the compromised vision.

Last week David brought home a nice cold from work, which I thought I had dodged and was feeling so superior, and then Sunday night the sore throat set in.

I still feel superior 'cause I'm getting over it faster than he is, but it's still a drag. What is with the throbbing headache advil can't defeat? Why does that have to be thrown in on top of swollen sinuses you can't blow anything out of, yet are able to slowly leak snot onto your pillow?

This morning I kept drinking the cough syrup til I thought I'd had a sufficient dose. It's supposed to be non-drowsy, but I think if you triple the dose, it's not as non-drowsy as they'd planned and a third eye grows into your forehead. I need to lie down.