Write Whatcha Know...

Whoever said that wasn't kidding. Man, yesterday was a shit day for writing, and I wasn't doing so well with my camera, either.

But back to the words... I had some uncomfortable blockage in my brainial colon while trying to rewrite an article for a client on a topic I don't know much about and for which there's limited information to work from. Here's a shot of me working on it:

I struggled with the article, then I struggled with my camera to practice what I learned last week in Chicago. It was not a good day, and I wasn't even fighting a headache or other ailment - my brain just wouldn't function.

So, I had some cookies, watched some TV and went to bed early. Oh, and at one point in the afternoon I yelled (politely) at Crazy Neighbor Bob to turn down his stupid truck stereo he was blasting while sweeping leaves off his front porch - and it wasn't anything good he was playing.

Who does that? Who plays his car stereo so loudly it's louder than a radio playing inside your own house? What a jerk. No, Bob, only you enjoy quasi-country-pop tunes played loud enough to be heard in Fresno - the rest of us would like to make our own listening choices.

But I'm happy to say today was much better. I re-shot the photos and I think I'm back on track, I *think* I successfully reworked the article, and I have not yelled at any neighbors, but it's still early.