My Cuticles Hate Me

I can't stop tearing up my cuticles. I hate my cuticles and they hate me.

The other day I thought I was taking off just a little dry sliver and in half a second part of my finger was gone. Gajeebus that hurt, and it wouldn't stop bleeding/oozing. What the hell had I just done? What is wrong with me?

I slapped a band-aid on it and went about my day. The next night it was throbbing like a mother sister, and sure enough, it was infected. Not only am I stupid enough to tear apart my own finger, I'm even 'stupider' to not properly clean it up.

What if now I needed a tetanus shot!? Don't those hurt worse than the injury itself? What the hell *is* tetanus? Last time I got a physical my doctor told me I should really get a tetanus shot and I asked why.

He said if it had been more than 10 years since my last one, it was time for a booster. I asked why again. He said I should have it. I said No, I'd really rather not. That was four or five years ago. He hasn't brought it up again since. I go out of my way to avoid rusty nails and deep puncture wounds.

I found the hydrogen peroxide and got it all cleaned up, then 'neosporined' it and it's healing well. And so far, no symptoms of lockjaw or cranial spasms, other than the usual.