Shopless Friday

And what a lovely day it was. Slept in after staying up too late - we were wondering, lying in bed at 1:30am wide awake, is ham loaded with amphetamines? - and spent the whole day in our sweats catching up on reading and listening to music (or playing lots & lots of games, because that's someone's job and he needs to stay current on all things gamey).

And in the afternoon, I took a nap. Then I had some pumpkin pie & coffee. Then I did some dishes and after that, read some more. Didn't leave the house, didn't buy one single thing - not even online - and we won't be shopping for any Christmas crap.

This will be our third year of Festivus with our added feature of the "No Stuff Christmas," which means no store-bought gifts of any kind. The exceptions being gifts of consumables and even better, consumables bought from companies that do good things for the world, like Greyston Bakery and Jennifer's Homemade- different Jennifer, but just as fantastic.

Better still, no "gifts" at all other than the gift of getting together for games like Celebrity Taboo or Who Took My Pants?