Electric Blanket Coma

These things are dangerous, and I'm starting to think, probably not good for your health.

On cold nights we've been "preheating" the bed, which is lovely, but instead of turning off the blanket after getting in, I'd leave mine set fairly low, on "3." (The settings range from 1 - 10)

"3" is just warm enough to feel deliciously cozy, but not too warm - it's hardly even noticeable. What *is* noticeable is the absence of icy cold spots around the body's perimeter, and that's nice.

The problem with "3" is, it's warm enough to #1, make it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and #2, slow-cook my brain.

On "3" blanket nights, I wake up feeling not groggy, but sort-of cooked. Definitely not clear-headed, ready to jump out of bed and attack the day. That rarely happens anyway, but when not using the blanket, I usually wake up feeling pretty good - refreshed.

So now, we preheat the bed but as soon as I get in it, I turn off that damn blanket. The other night we put it on a high setting for preheating and when we got in, it was like slipping into an incredibly soft, cushy hot tub. But I'm pretty sure it's not healthy to sleep in a hot tub.