2008 Psychic Development

Yes, that's right. I've decided to make 2008 my year of psychicness. I feel like it's time. I think I'm ready.

It started as a joke, but now I'm going to see if over the course of this year I can "awaken my psychic powers" and "open my psychic pathways."

I'm not a stranger to psychicness - I've had a few "experiences" in the past that could qualify as "psychic."

The first one I remember happened when I was just out of high school. A guy I barely knew from a group of friends called me up one day, I don't remember why, and the first thing I said to him after "hello" was congratulations on getting a new car. He paused and then quietly asked, "how did you know I got a new car?"

He had just gotten it that day. I hadn't seen or talked to him since high school, some weeks earlier, but for whatever reason, I knew he had a new car. I described it to him over the phone. A white, BMW 2002 with red leather interior, I think it was - hard to remember now - but I remember that I was right, and he was really freaked out. He quickly ended the call and hung up.

See, when you have this kind of power - to see cars and their fit and finishes, it's understandably awe-inspiring and it can make people - the no-seers - uncomfortable.

The next time was in the following year or so. I had a dream about my great aunt passing away, with our whole family traveling to Pasadena for her funeral and I was trying to contact a guy I'd been seeing who'd recently moved to LA. At the time it seemed like a weird dream, but even weirder was when it all came true a month later. Exactly as I'd dreamt it.

Most recently, just over the holiday break, I knew that a friend of mine was going to get engaged. Why, I couldn't tell you. The thought came to me while I was shopping online. I knew her longtime boyfriend was going to ask her that weekend. And sho-nuff, he did. I hadn't talked to either of them in quite a while, so I didn't have any current scoop or hints.

It's unfortunate that I can't tell friends or family which routes or flights to avoid on upcoming trips, or to not delay that next doctor's appointment, but perhaps with this year's training I'll develop my "skill" beyond consumer goods and marriage proposals. Baby steps. Yes... a baby... someone's going to have a baby. Somewhere. I have no idea who or when.