4:30PM - Sun Comes Out

And it looks really nice - almost warm. The very opposite of how it was all the rest of the day. Thanks, Sun, for a whole half hour of pleasant sunlight at the very end of the day.

I had a shoot in Sonoma today, which I almost totally spaced on, but I'd hoped it would be sunny by the time I got there.

By the time I finished the sun was starting to break through, but only in small spots and not at all where the "view" would be from the back deck of a charming little farmhouse.

Thanks, Sun. I guess all your bajillion degrees of heat and radiation are no match for valley fog. Kinda weak, wouldn't you say?

I almost missed the shoot entirely because the routine I had all planned out was changed at the last minute. I had my day's logistics organized to the Nth degree, then one shoot was canceled.

See, kids, when you get older, this will also happen to you. You *think* you have it all locked up in that steel trap of a brain, but actually the corners aren't sealed and things *will* leak out. Just wait and see.

In my rusting brain, I confused two shoots & thought it was the morning shoot that was canceled. I almost went back to bed for a nap when I happened to take another look at my list of shoots.

11:00 a.m. Huh. Wait, eleven o'clock, TODAY!? That's one hour and five minutes later than RIGHT NOW? OMIGOD.

At 9:55 I jumped in the shower and was out by 10 (that's WITH shampooing, conditioning and washing everything!), dressed by 10:05, then in the car with all my gear, backing out of the driveway by 10:15.

I made it to the house by 11:05, and by the time I got there, the gardeners weren't quite finished, so the few minutes I needed to get set up allowed them to finish up and clear out their equipment.

I'd like to thank my cozy, reliable car, today's light traffic and the absence of lame drivers for allowing me to cover just over 56 miles in 50 minutes, and I'd like to thank the CHP for patrolling other highways this morning. Thank you all - I couldn't have done it without you.