Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger

(notice it's a brunette on the box? they're filthy!)

In the spirit of being open-minded, today I listened to some Douche Lamebag while driving up to Napa to shoot photos.

I have to say, on some things, he seems well-informed and not entirely a wide open gaping ass, but maybe I just caught a rare, good three minutes of his show.

I tuned out for a little while to check traffic/weather reports and by the time I tuned back, he was blathering on for so long without making a point, I lost track of whatever it was he might have been talking about.

This is why I have a ginormous aversion to any show where the host is so impressed with himself that facts and issues end up taking a back seat to the self-important ramblings.

And at one point a caller wanted to talk about how Huckabee is the new Reagan, and Oh My God No You Didint just compare Huckabee to Reagan!

Lamebag kept saying how it was a personal insult (to him) to make such a comparison. I guess Reagan *did* cure cancer with his ultra conservatism - I hadn't realized. Apparently Reagan was a demigod and we are blessed to have had his trickle-down Reagonomics.

I gave Douche as much time as I could to make a point, but he didn't seem to want to stop running his mouth long enough to even pop another Oxycontin, so I tuned back to the news and wished him good luck getting back to Earth.

I found this when I searched for "douche" images on Google and had to share:

In other news, I found a typo in a book I'm reading, and I'm wondering, does she know the typo is there and it's already been corrected for the next edition, or should I send her an email to make sure she knows? If it was your book that had a typo, would you want someone to tell you? I would.