Fun with Newsreaders

Earlier this week we were watching the news on KTVU, as we do most nights, when I heard something that didn't sound right. I rewound the live broadcast on the DVR to be sure. Yup, that's what she'd said.

And just that day I'd seen a posting on their website for a news writer, but didn't pursue it because I don't have a journalism degree (nor do I know the first thing about being a news writer).

Now I doubt that a degree is required and instead, just the ability to read AND think at the same time. So below is what I sent to KTVU. They've not written me back.

From: [me]
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2007 10:56 PM
To: news [at] ktvu [dot] com
Subject: "as we say goodbye to 2005"?

Dear KTVU News,
We love the 10 O’clock News and watch it every night – the highly professional reporting and in-depth stories make the other stations look like amateur shows.

But on tonight’s show when Gasia said, “as we say goodbye to 2005…” we had to wonder – when we took that afternoon nap, had we actually traveled back in time?

I hope it’s not actually about to be 2006, because that was not a particularly good year and I wouldn’t enjoy repeating it.

However, I suppose if we are about to relive 2006, we could make sure the pigs don’t get into the spinach, tell Harry Whittington to avoid hunting trips, and I could put all my money on the Steelers to win the championship.

Your Loyal Fans,
Jennifer & David