Lucas Wolves

Last night I dreamt that we went to a big LucasArts shindig - a fancy, dress-up thing - in a huge, open air amphitheater. Kinda like Shoreline, but much bigger, and there was no stage or chairs - the whole thing was a big, grassy, stepped amphitheater.

We were down in the main area milling around with thousands of other people when I decided I needed to go find my shoes. I'd lost my strappy slingback heels and I was mad.

In my little black dress I ran up the wide, grassy steps, crowded with people on either side of the aisle, and at the top, found a bunch of animals all curled up, asleep in a heap. Stray cats in one heap, and I think there were tigers in another.

I passed them on my way to wherever I thought my shoes might be and suddenly encountered a pack of wolves. There were still a few people wandering about up there, but they were off in the distance.

Right in front of me stood a large, snarling, growling wolf. I started flipping out and screaming for my friend's sister, Suzie. SUZIE! SUZIE! I haven't seen Suzie in about a year, but apparently she's a wolf expert and only person you want in such a situation.

Suzie came from out of nowhere to escort me away from the wolf, who hadn't moved at all since I walked up on it. Problem solved. Thanks Suzie.