New Crazy Time Suck

So, as Rooty noticed earlier this month, I've been posting more frequently lately. I've had enough on my mind to post something daily and it's been fun to challenge myself to continue the trend.

And then Jeannie had to go and start a game of Scrabulous with me on Facebook.

I'd signed up with FB last year to stay in touch with folks I'd met through my last job and it seemed like another handy way to stay connected with friends and coworkers. I had no idea how many fun little widgets it has, ready to rob you of every last minute of your day.

Today I was so engrossed in my game of Scrabble, I was hoping my 3pm photoshoot would be rescheduled. This is a dangerous sign. And I must admit, I did not shower today. I don't know if I'll ever shower again.