Psychic Update 1/31

Meatballs. That was the answer to "What am I thinking right now?" wasn't it?

I'm trying to finish the first book, but it's slow going. It's interesting stuff, but I'm reading it in bed and it's not the kind of thing you can just skim and absorb. I end up getting sleepy after a couple of pages.

I did have a dream last night that a friend revamped her blog to be about restaurant reviews - "Meal Vehicle," it was called. (It rhymed much better in my dream - "meal" was pronounced mee-uhl - two distinct syllables.)

I also dreamt that I was on another cruise with my mother and she was buying me Hello Kitty no-skid slipper socks at the gift shop. I'm excited to find out if either dream becomes reality.

So far, the book talks a lot about intuition and tuning into and trusting that inner voice, and that all things in the world have a specific vibration. You know, that you can tune into.

There are two exercises in the book I haven't done yet - I look forward to giving those a try. Maybe had I already practiced a little, I'd have known that David was headed to the UK for an extended stay, or that I wouldn't really need to rush to make a last-minute appointment yesterday because she'd ultimately end up canceling.