Shooting With the Police

While photographing a home in Sonoma yesterday, we heard a helicopter pass by directly overhead. Then it circled over again... then again... and again... then it was even closer, circling, circling, circling...

We tried to ignore what sounded like a mini-Vietnam and keep shooting, but it was too loud and right up in our airspace. Even the hyper puppy stopped attacking the hose to watch it circle above her yard.

Wondering what the heck might be going on, we went outside to talk with the neighbors. They didn't have the scoop, but the homeowner knew who to call in the sheriff's office. She made the call and asked what was going on. The sheriff's office said she couldn't share that information. Then the homeowner asked if we should lock the doors.

When I heard her ask that question I thought, Jebus, is some crazed criminal going to come busting through the house looking for a place to hide? If so, I suppose I'd get the exclusive photos of the crime in progress. That could be cool.

But then the sheriff told her we didn't have to lock ourselves in and that they were looking for a burglary suspect. As Jeff said when I told him about it, I should have told the agent that this didn't seem to be a good time and offer to come back later, say in a few years.

We quickly finished up the shoot while the homeowner, trying to make it sound like a casual event, said "Oh it happens all the time..." but then realized that didn't sound too appealing from a marketing perspective, so then it became, "You'll love living here! At least one exciting police chase every day!"