Accidentally Psychic

OK, so I may be somewhat psychic, without meaning to be.

Last year we were invited to a shindig we couldn't attend, so I graciously declined with an excuse that I had crazy project deadlines and would have to work that weekend.

At the time I had almost no work coming in and few prospects, but thought that would be a safe reason, just to keep things stress-free.

About a week later, a new project was dropped in my lap out of nowhere - with crazy deadlines that would require me to work that weekend.

Then about a month ago we were invited to an event that would have been difficult to attend, requiring a pet sitter we don't have and super tight travel scheduling to prevent taking time off work.

Rather than go into all the details of why it would be difficult for us to attend, I said that David would be away on a business trip and I would have to stay here to hold down the fort.

That was long before there was any chatter about David's trip to the UK. And now David leaves on Monday and he has much to do to prepare.

For the next invitation we decline, my excuse is going to be that I'm expecting a multi-million dollar check and must be home to sign for it.