Bay Area Woman Shaves

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - Despite months of neglect and indifference, a female resident of Alameda finally shaved her legs today. Citing no particular reason for the occasion, the long, Sasquatch leg hair was stripped using a Venus razor with disposable blade.

Today's shaving was the first leg hair removal of 2008 and the third depiliation in the last six months. Although lower-leg shaving is a rare event, no nicks, cuts or razor burn occurred.

As you can see, it's been an exciting week. In addition to shaving, I've had my spine X-rayed, follow up appointments with a wonderful new chiropractor who has pretty much fixed my stupid neck, and taken the kitten to the vet for another spate of vomiting.

She blew chunks repeatedly last night and again this morning, so it was time for professional help. Now she, too, has been X-rayed for the low, low price of $250.

Just two pictures of a tiny kitten costs $250, yet my entire spine was photographed using 8 pieces of film for only $150. Does that seem odd?