David Who?

David called this afternoon while I was on the road and because of the noise of the car, I wasn't sure who it was. When he said a very cheerful "Hi!" I asked, "Who is this?" To that he said, "But I've only been gone day!"

I was all discombobulated because I ran out of coffee beans and had to brew a pot of regular, crema-less coffee. The humanity. I was off my game all day.

I left an hour too early for an appointment, forgot to eat lunch, and screwed up the white balance on some shots.

And the cats are becoming more needy with only one human around to pester. While I was on a conference call Nikita chewed the phone antenna, leaving adorable little teeth marks all over it.

Then Neo tried playing with the headset microphone like it was a ball and when he couldn't bat it off the desk, he slapshotted the bluetooth earbud instead. I found it under the couch.

It's just a matter of time before things get ugly.