I'm a Trucker!

Today I drove almost 200 miles, all in a day's work. From the East Bay into SF, then up to Marin County, then over to Lake Berryessa, then back over to Sonoma and finally home.

What I really need is a van I can drive with hand levers while standing up, running on a treadmill, 'cause my ass is getting the wrong kind of workout on days like today.

But I'm not complaining. Driving through beautiful countryside isn't the worst way to spend a day. And I'm finding all the clean, well-maintained pit stops in all the towns I visit, since my volvo wagon doesn't come with a loo.

So this is what I really need - a split-window VW van with a hot new engine that I can drive with my hands while walking/running on a treadmill, with a bathroom in the back and a lounge/work area in the middle for when I have time to kill between jobs. And a wireless signal. Who's gonna make it for me?