What is with the PriAss no-turn-signal-using drivers who cannot find the gas pedal while driving (sorry, coasting) in the fast lane?

Swear to brad, every time there's a car camped out in the fast lane passing nothing but gas, it's a PriAss. And nine times outta ten, when I'm behind one making a turn, there's no signal.

Are turn signals and standard-sized gas pedals expensive options on this car?

Is it that PriAss drivers have never driven a car before owning one of these go-karts, or once in these cars whatever driving skills they may have had are deactivated by the hybrid technology?

On 101 in San Rafael yesterday a woman in a PriAss drifted slowly onto the freeway from the onramp into the far left lane. She never turned her head to look, she never signaled and she was going about 50mph - much slower than traffic.

This isn't the first time I've seen the "PriAss drift," where drivers seem to think they can wander wherever they want and the rest of us will just skeedaddle out of the way and applaud as they drive by.

Toyota doesn't advertise the forcefield that comes with this car, but it must be well worth whatever it costs. Buyers must be choosing that option over turn signals and gas pedals.

This powerful option seems capable of protecting drivers from being slammed by a Hummer already occupying a freeway lane a PriAss drifts into without looking.

I would love to have a hybrid car, but it's gonna be a big one that can drive over a PriAss.