Getting Gussied Up

How a woman from the Bay Area dresses for a party in BC:
  • Take scalding hot shower - stay in there as long as possible
  • Eat scalding hot bowl of soup
  • Put on thick black tights
  • Put on thick camisole
  • Put on Under Armor running shorts over tights
  • Put on thick fleecy socks over tights
  • Put on long-sleeved blouse
  • Put on knee-length skirt
  • Put on knee-high boots
  • Put fleece scarf around neck
  • Put on camel hair overcoat
  • Put on fleece gloves
With the Under Armor shorts over the tights, I looked like a cyclist getting ready for a winter ride. They really helped add a nice layer of insulation but after being at the party for a while, I was almost too warm. Regardless, I'm calling it a success. I was all dressed up but didn't freeze my buttons off.

I'm gonna need more boots.