Ever get your feelings hurt and feel like you've been punched in the gut with a big log? Boy, does that ever blow.

T'was no big deal - a total misunderstanding - but lordy, I am ridiculously sensitive deep down below the stony black heart. My stomach is folded into a tight lump like a hard chunk of bubble gum.

On the plus side, it's a fantastic appetite suppressant. Seeing as how winter makes me want to eat every loaf of bread and potato I see, it's probably good timing.

It's been a very emotional day, what with the amazing history happening in D.C. And I stayed up too late last night and that makes things a little raw.

But didn't today feel different? Watching the inauguration, listening to the speech, watching the joy and elation on the faces of those who'd traveled there to see it in person - humbling and inspiring.

It felt like an enormous, collective sigh of relief - it's over. The embarrassment and incompetence of the last eight years is finally over. Wow. That feels so much better.