Like my fellow blogsters, I often neglect this medium in favor of screwing around on Facebook.

Because, I mean, there's just so much going on in my life, it's easier to keep everyone informed about critical happenings with quick, updated status messages. They're convenient, single-serving packets of info that everyone can easily digest in seconds.

To illustrate, here's a snapshot of critical status messages.
  • Jennifer likes the sangiovese.
  • Jennifer thought she knew who the 5th cylon is... but now she's not so sure. [scooby doo noise].
  • Jennifer thinks the blues in French sounds stupid.
  • Jennifer picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
  • Jennifer doesn't want to cause a panic, but there appears to be a Battlestar Gallactica marathon going on.
  • Jennifer is off to the Land of Nod.
  • Jennifer is amazed that WA passed a law to rename King county for another King. The first one wasn't good enough, eh? Redonkulous.
  • Jennifer is learning a new CMS. Mmm... content management. 
  • Jennifer is bored of the manatee-written 24 scripts. But it was fun to watch Jack punch someone in the face.
  • Jennifer is all excited about King 5 News and her imaginary favorite aunt, Jean Enerson.
  • Jennifer is thinking someone spilled a coke on a Facebook server. Shit is sloooooooooow today.
  • Jennifer would like to have a word with the jet stream.
  • Jennifer loves that The Wrestler was written by a former Onion Editor in Chief. Loved the movie. More Mickey!
  • Jennifer says "It's "more important," not "more importantly!" Yeeeeaaaaaaaaooooooo!
As you can see, it's a wonder I found a spare few minutes to make this post. With a dance card this full, it won't be long before I have an intern taking over The Nootsmaak.