Good Day Sunshine

Today was a good day. Sunny, clear, and I dare say, almost warm. It's amazing when a kid from California can move to Vancouver and end up feeling like 45 degrees is comfortable.

Back in the Bay Area, if it was 45 degrees, even with bright sunshine, I'd be bundled up like an Eskimo and bitching a blue streak about being cold. Funny how a *real* winter with sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and dreary rain can help you change your perspective on weather.

But I'm nowhere near as hearty as the locals. Lots of folks out in just t-shirts walking around with refreshing frappuccinos. I still need hot coffee, a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket. Baby steps.

On top of the good weather, I'm also happy about a trip to the Bay Area in April. After feeling so far away for so long, I can't wait to get back to see friends and drink many gallons of Peet's. Before that, I'll squeeze in a little time down south to soak up the desert sun and make sure my parents haven't fallen and can't get up.

In the meantime, one more thing to be happy about - Café Medina downtown - a place we found last week and will try this weekend - coffee and European-style waffles. I'm saved.