Senorita Misteriosa

This is a story about the adventure of a lifetime. It's also a story about the wondrous powers of the internet to connect people in ways they'd never have imagined. It's a story for our time.

After a quiet retirement spent mostly inside her intriguing package, Señorita Misteriosa is off on an international adventure to meet her Señor and see the sights of New York and Mexico.

Late last year I received an email from a woman named Carin, asking where she might find a Señorita Misteriosa to join her Señor Misterioso.

Carin and her Señor have been together for many years and have traveled the world together. Then Carin met her fiance...

They dreamed of a wedding in Mexico with both Señor and Señorita Misteriosos at their sides, but Señorita, being the enigma that she is, can only be found if she wants to be found.

We don't know much about Señorita, except that she speaks twelve languages and has diplomatic passports from eight of the smallest nations in the world.

In Brazil her photo is often kept framed on the top of television sets, and no one can explain why this is or where the photos came from.

Her mysterious glowing dress is rarely worn but when it is, world events change drastically and plants within 50 feet undergo accelerated growth. There are claims of healing properties from being near the dress when she is wearing it, and this will be the subject of a Ken Burns PBS documentary.

Despite all her mystery, she was finally found one day in my Flickr photostream, the result of a random photograph taken last summer while procrastinating work.

Carin emailed me to ask if it might be possible to send Señorita to meet her in New York, to join Senor atop their wedding cake in Mexico early this year.

I consulted with Señorita and of course she was happy to oblige. We packed her things and put her on the first express plane to New York where she'll meet her new friends Carin and Gabriel.

Señorita's private photographer will capture her adventure and I look forward to posting the rest of the story and her photos.