When Hubby's Away

The wife watches live, Oscar red carpet coverage. David would spoon out his eyeballs if he were here. But he's not - he's on a business trip, leaving me alone and unsupervised in this foreign country.

He'll be gone for three days and two nights and here's a list of all the things I'm going to do while he's gone:
  • Not cook a single thing.
  • Eat an entire batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, because Miriam and Ted's cookies still have not arrived and I can't stand reading about all the taste test reviews without having any cookies stuffed in my mouth.
  • Wear sweats the entire time.
  • Watch the dishes pile up until late Tuesday afternoon and *maybe* do them before I leave to pick up David.
  • Have waffles for dinner (which I won't have to make - got leftovers in the freezer).
  • Watch CosmoTV, MTV, and other varieties of BadTV.
  • Lift weights in my underwear.
  • Dress the cats in doll clothes.
  • Pile my clothes all over his side of the bed.
  • Order a pizza and take off all the cheese and eat the crust (David hates when I do that, like I'm defacing a sacred object, but I don't eat dairy, so, it gets defaced. And de-cheesed.)
  • Eat dinner at 4pm.
  • Work on my Sawyer & Desmond Go Shirtless scripts.
I may not be able to get to everything, but I'm going to try my best. I really want to go back to Medina's to eat a hundred waffles, but that would mean putting on pants. That definitely presents a pickle.