Day 12 - Still Puke Free!

Day 12 and still puke free! Almost two weeks of only canned cat food and we're excited to report a total absence of barf, puke, upchuck, yakk, boot and gark.

Cat dandruff appears to be subsiding while perky personality traits appear to be emerging.

Ninja, aka El Gato Retardo, is playing like a kitten again, chasing his tiny tinsel balls all over the house. Not his balls, he's fixed. You know what I mean.

He's much more active during the day, too, visiting me often while I work, which sounds sweet but he's actually bugging the crap outta me.

He stands up on his hind legs and puts his front paws on the side of my chair, digging in a claw or two then plucking them back out. First one side then the other. He seems really proud of this trick.

Today it looked like Neo wasn't quite as bulbous. He's like a bowling ball on legs. I thought he might be losing some pudge, so I weighed him. If he has lost any weight, it isn't enough to register on the bathroom scale.

I weighed both the boys and they appear to be the same weight. Could it be that they've just lost the water bloat that comes with eating carbs? I wonder...

For lunch today I had a leftover pork chop. Before I could sit down at the table I had a captive audience. Even the little one, who usually has no interest in human food. They all enjoyed a wee piggy snack.

They seem to be getting enough of their own food - there's food left in the bowls for quite a while after breakfast and dinner - they take their time working through it. But now they seem much more in tune with All Things Meat. They're more like little wild animals and not as much like living couch cushions.

Yesterday morning after breakfast I packaged up the meat I'd bought at Costco to store in the freezer. Ninja came out of a deep slumber to investigate. He's never done that before.

I'm excited to see them become more active and seemingly happy, but I wonder if at some point they'll get super primal and start gnawing on our legs.