Slippery Slope

Today at Costco I realized I'm in dangerous territory. Not Costco, though THAT MANY Kit Kats is plenty dangerous, as are those ginormous bags of Kettle Chips.

No, I realized, while considering whether or not I should buy a metric ton of Kashi, discussing this with myself, out loud, that I love talking to myself. More than with other people.

To be fair, I rarely talk to other people anymore. I talk to myself way more than I do other people. And I'm OK with that. I like it. I am an excellent conversationalist. I know just what to say and when to say it - even HOW to say it. I'm such a good listener, too. I really HEAR me.

Even more dangerous, I don't care if people overhear my me-me conversations. Join us! We're having a stimulating conversation about bags of flash-frozen chicken! And pork. That is a LOT of pork, but that's good pork. And we can freeze it. Do they have cupcakes? I really want a cupcake - not a giant fat sponge muffin and definitely not 12 giant fat sponges. Nope, no cupcakes. Should we go? Are we done? I think so. Let's go.