Escape From PoCo

As I relax on a warm patio in sunny California, I feel like a fugitive on the run from constant rain, depressing clouds, mediocre food* and overpriced booze.

I've been eating and drinking like I've just been rescued from a damp, empty underground bunker.

My first shopping excursion in Palm Desert was to BevMo! where I purchased three bottles of tequila. I can't even bring that much back with me, but I bought it because I could, for less than $200. For about half that, really.

A bottle of Don Julio Silver will run you $100 in BC. $100. Yeah, when I saw that at the province-run liquor store, I stopped drinking. Just on principle. No way am I handing over that kind of money to the government for average tequila. You can blow me.

That's the best tequila they have, too. That's all you can get. No one's going to buy that, let alone anything better. What the hell would that cost? $300? Hilarious. I'm happy to spend my booze money in California.

They're making it back on the auto insurance and the nickel and diming to renew the registration. We just had our cars inspected so we could get them registered - a full rectal exam on both cars. We had to get them smogged, after just six months. What a racket. Blow me.

I have about a week left in California. I gotta get back to my drink.

* not all the food is mediocre, but coming from SF, few places can compete...