Early Kidney Disease

In cats... anyone know anything about this and how to help treat it homeopathically?

The vet called this morning with results from the blood work done yesterday on the boys - Neo's was "beautiful" - love to hear that.

But Ninja, the 11-year-old wolverine they had to subdue with two powerful sedatives just to do an exam, supposedly has "early kidney disease."

That might explain the clumps of litter the size of a baby.

The vet said he should be switched to a low-protein diet - still canned food, but lower protein and a different balance of minerals to help the kidneys.

And to think I fed him that kibble shit for so many years. Sorry Ninjey.

I just read something online that cats dealing with kidney disease should not have any vaccines, though yesterday he was shot up with rabies and distemper vaccines.

Not sure if there's any merit to avoiding the vaccines, but it does seem ridiculous to put all that shit in his system when he's exclusively indoor and has almost zero risk of exposure to either pathogen.

I have the sneaking suspicion that most vets are just like most doctors. They do the same shit over and over again without really thinking about what they're doing or why they might be doing it, and the good ones are very hard to find.

They also want to clean his teeth. Not sure if it's worth the bother and the stress (physically and emotionally) to put him under and have his mouth scraped to hell. Anesthesia doesn't seem like a good idea at this point.

Every day brings a new challenge. We'll figure it out. If you have any info to share, please pass it along. Mr. Bitey thanks you.